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1. How do I learn how to use LifeXplorer?

Check out the LifeXplorer instruction video which takes you through the main features of LifeXplorer, and how to use the app in a conversation.

2. How do I add images to my life event Insights?

The Insights text box in the bottom left quadrant of the life event screen includes an editor. The easiest way to add an image to the Insight is to simply copy and paste your image into the box.


3. Can I use HTML to format my Insights box content?


Yes. This option gives you the most fine-grained control over the Insights content. To use this feature, prepare your text and image in HTML, click the 'Source' button in the editor and paste the HTML into the box. Click the 'Source' button again to switch off source and you will see the results of your HTML. You can include images, text and text styling however you want: all the standard HTML tags are supported including <table>, <img> and heading (<h1>, <h2> etc.) tags.

4. Can my Insights image be sourced from a site on the web?

Yes. By clicking the image icon in the Insights editor, you can supply the URL address of the image you would like to use. The image can also be re-sized (up or down) by entering the sizing (in pixels) in the image settings text box that appears when you click the image icon.

5. What image formats are supported for Insights, and what are their properties?

Images should be in JPEG or PNG format, with a resolution of 72dpi. For the best image display, your images should be around 400px wide and 200px to 400px high.

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